How to use the free video trimmer app
1. Select your video
Your video is not uploaded anywhere, just select it and start working on it right inside your browser. There are no limits on file size.
2. Trim it
Trim your video by dragging the sliding bars, and check the live preview before saving.
3. Save it
Save your trimmed video instantly. Since your video never left your device, you don't have to wait for it to download.
Frequently asked questions
How does this work?
Your video is trimmed right inside your browser without having to upload it to a remote server and then download it back again. This way you can save time and bandwidth and you don't have to share your video with unknown people who would process it on their servers. Your private videos remain on your device at all times.
What makes this webapp different from all the other online video trimming services?
All the other services either require you to upload your video, have a file size limit, cost money or all of the above. The ones that do the processing work inside the browser usually crash if you select a larger video file that doesn't fit inside the memory of your device all at once. This is the only video trimmer webapp that we know of that works inside your browser without any file size limits. It is free and no registration is required.
If my video is not uploaded anywhere why is there a download dialog when I save my trimmed video?
This is because of a technical limitation of some browsers. Your browser might show a download dialog while saving, but your trimmed video file is not being downloaded from the internet, it is processed inside your browser.
Does this mean that works offline too?
Yes. You can even disconnect from the internet after opening this video trim app and it will keep on working.
What browsers are supported? works best on Chromium based browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera) on the desktop. It also works well in Firefox and Safari, although those browsers do not support the Native File System Access API so utilizes a workaround when running inside them.
Does also work on mobile devices?
Yes. You can also install it on your device as a PWA (Progressive Web App) and you can use the online video trim app as an offline app without internet connection.
Does reduce the quality of the trimmed video?
No. The quality of your trimmed video will remain as good as the original.
Does watermark the trimmed video?
No. only trims your video but does not alter it any other way.
Does delete or overwrite my original video?
No. Your original video will remain on your device and your trimmed video will be saved as an entirely new video file.
What data do you collect? Why isn't there any cookie banner? doesn't use cookies at all and respects your privacy. Your video is never uploaded to us, we do not collect any personal information and we do not track our users. We do however measure how many people visit and use
I have another question, how can I contact you?
Please send an email to [email protected].